Candidate Branding
June 5, 2021

What to say in the VResume (Video resume Tips)

It became clear that the world is changing now, videos humanized people who aren’t just CVs. Using your normal resume won’t make you any different. Just one more person on paper. We at Velents believe people are more than just a piece of paper but to deliver your message right you have to be specific.

How many jobs you didn’t get because of a bad resume? Great people don’t stand out on papers.

  1. Cover the essentials: You need to give the recruiter the same info they can get from your normal resume, tell them about your (experience, education, and interests).
  2. Be brief and specific: Your VResume(video resume) shouldn’t exceed 60–90 seconds. you should stress on the communication skills which is the most important skill in the business nowadays, this is the proof you have it!
  3. Surroundings matter: This is why Zoom introduced virtual background. It would make sense to record your video in a clean background, Velents uses various virtual backgrounds to allow you to record your pitch in a convenient way. Also, our tool gives you a way to edit your video as lightening or contrast, we have your back.
  4. Be yourself and convenient: Express and talk the way you are, don’t fake moods or personality show-off your real self. If you feel you need more tools to help, don’t forget to use Velents convenient tool to wear makeup or glasses during the recording.
  5. Add a Call-to-action: Deliver a message with your video, ask the recruiters to send an email/call you. You can use a specific text design on velents tool to deliver your message too.

A professional branding is the practice of marketing people and their careers as brands. Unlike a resume, this isn’t something that is updated only when seeking a new position. It is an ongoing process of maintaining your professional moments in one space.

You can download “Velents” on android and iPhone and record your VResume then share it anywhere and let your brand shine by posting your link on other platforms. Create it once, use it everywhere!

If you are a recruiter, signup here and start recruiting the best candidates!

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