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Employer Value Proposition(EVP)

Employer Value Proposition(EVP)

Updated on:
August 23, 2022


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What is Employer Value Proposition(EVP)?

An employer value proposition (EVP) is how you position your company in the eyes of your employees. Emotionally, your EVP is a statement that expresses your commitment to your employees.

The EVP is an employee-centric approach that is aligned with existing, integrated workforce planning strategies. It has been informed by existing employees and the external target audience to create a unique, relevant, and compelling message.

An employer value proposition describes what your company offers to its employees or prospective employees; it shows how your company makes its employees feel.

Everything from your company’s mission and vision to salary and benefits is set up to create a strong employer value proposition. For example, Zappos’ employees love working there because the founder, Tony Hsieh, has taken some of the traditional benefits out of the equation and has rather focused on creating a corporate culture that puts employees first and that employees feel

Most businesses today are aware of the importance of having a strong employer value proposition (EVP). An EVP is a company's promise to its employees. It's what the company can offer employees in terms of compensation, benefits, development opportunities, and work/life balance.

What is the importance of EVP?

An EVP is important because it can help a company attract and retain the best talent. The best employees want to work for companies that offer them the best compensation and benefits, as well as opportunities for career growth. A strong EVP can also help a company improve its employee engagement and productivity.

Many recruiters and other HR Professionals now have planned strategies for communicating their EVP and Employer Brand with current and potential future candidates.