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Job analysis

Job analysis

Updated on:
August 22, 2022


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Table of Content

What is Job analysis? 

A job analysis is a means of determining the area in which a job meets certain standards. The purpose of the job analysis is to develop job descriptions and performance standards.

A job analysis should include the following:

1. A job analysis template is used to record the aspects of a job that need to be described and analyzed. Job descriptions, job specifications, job evaluation criteria, etc. are all examples of job analysis templates.

2. A job analysis matrix is a tool that is used to organize job elements into a matrix. The job analysis matrix helps identify job elements during a job analysis, and then assigns a rating to each element.

Why are job analysis templates necessary? 

Job analysis templates provide a systematic way to collect and organize information about a job. This information can be used to develop job descriptions and job specifications, which are essential for effective human resources management.

What are job analysis components?

  1. Job title 
  2. Outline 
  3. Duties
  4. Qualifications 

Job analysis template is a structured process that helps managers understand and document the different activities and responsibilities that constitute an information worker's job. A job analysis template may be used by managers to assess the job performance of employees, to inform performance appraisals, and to assist with the recruitment, selection, and training of information workers. A job analysis template may also be used by information workers to document their job responsibilities.