Leave of absence

Last update : July 12, 2023

What is Leave of absence?

A leave of absence is a period of time during which an employee is away from work for reasons that are personal or health-related.

An employee does not return to work immediately upon the employee’s return from a leave of absence, and the employee remains off work until a specified date is met, or until otherwise authorized.

Most often, the employee returns to the same position the employee held prior to going on leave. However, employees are sometimes asked to return to a lower-level position or to a completely new position.

Examples of absence leave: 

  1. Medical Conditions 
  2. Legal Call
  3. Milliarty leave for work 
  4. State-mandated leave scenarios

Is the Leave of Absence paid or not paid? 

Each leave of absence has another classification: 

  • Paid leave, where the employer provides compensation as if the employee was working during that period
  • Unpaid leave, where employees are not required to come to work, but also earn no compensation for that period from the employer. 

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