Letter of termination

Last update : July 12, 2023

What is a Letter of termination?

A letter of termination of employment is a type of document that you can send to an employee to inform him that they will be release from their current employment. 

Letters of termination of employment are made for a variety of reasons, such as when an employee is terminated for cause or when an employee is no longer interested in working for the company.

The employment termination letter is a document that should not be made quickly. You should carefully craft the document to ensure that it reflects the appropriate tone and ensures that the employee understands what his options are.

You should include information such as the reason for termination, details about severance benefits, and the date that the employee should read the letter.

Why Should an Employer Write a Letter of Termination?


A letter of termination serves as official notification that you are leaving your position. The letter states the details of your employment, the dates you worked at the company, and your reason for leaving. The letter can also include your start date at your new position or at another job.

Employment termination letters are sometimes called resignation letters if an employee resigns voluntarily. However, if an employee is terminated for serious misconduct, an employer may issue a letter of termination instead.

Why are letter of termination of employment necessary? 

There are a few reasons. First, it shows that the company is serious about ending the employment relationship. It also protects the company from any legal liability from firing an employee. Finally, it gives the employee a chance to appeal the decision or request a hearing.

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