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Performance review

Performance review

Updated on:
August 22, 2022


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What is a Performance review?

A performance review is a meeting that assesses how well an employee has fulfilled his or her job objectives, and whether improvements or additional objectives should be set.

Performance reviews typically include a ranking of the employee's performance, as well as medal or award systems to reward the employee for exceptional work.


Performance reviews typically occur annually or semi-annually, based on the nature of a firm's operations. Typically, employees will receive their reviews before the annual performance review meeting so they have an opportunity to correct any performance deficiencies before the meeting.

Performance reviews also provide the employee with an opportunity to correct performance deficiencies that may lead to disciplinary actions or termination


How should employees benefit from performance review?

  1. Prepare to write notes
  2. Brainstorm new examples 
  3. self evaluate
  4. always ask questions 


Why are performance reviews necessary? 

They help ensure that employees are meeting their goals and objectives, and they help identify areas where employees need improvement. Performance reviews also help to hold employees accountable for their work and help to motivate them to do their best.