Child Caregiver Job Description

A child care provider is someone who watches children.

A child care provider is also known as a babysitter.

A child care provider is typically hired for short-term or for a limited amount of time.

A child care provider can be paid hourly, or the daily rate can be paid.

A child care provider can also be paid per shift, or based on the number of children the provider watches.

A child care provider is a person who has completed child care courses, has a good understanding of child psychology, and has passed a state’s required child care licensing exam.

Updated on:     
November 7, 2022

Job Brief:

We're looking for a Child Caregiver to come and join our team! We are a fun and loving group of people who love working with children. We are looking for someone who is patient, caring, and has a lot of energy. If you are looking for a fun and rewarding job, then this is the place for you!

Child Caregiver Duties:

  • Provide direct care and guidance of client’s children
  • Assist with development and maintenance of age-appropriate lesson plans and schedules
  • Assist in development and execution of activities
  • Recommend activities, crafts, toys, games, and other age appropriate materials to use for daily activities
  • Develop learning plans according to age, interests, and abilities of children
  • Maintain accurate records of all activities
  • Meet with parents of children to discuss progress and any challenges
  • Spend quality time with children
  • Ensure safety of the children
  • Provide children’s meal and snacks
  • Educate children on personal hygiene and social development
  • Arrange developmentally appropriate activities
  • Recognize and respond to children who may have behavioral or emotional problems
  • Record children’s activities, reinforce positive behavior, and maintain discipline
  • Maintain a safe, clean, and healthy environment for the children
  • Handle children in emergency situations

Child Caregiver Responsibilities:

  • Provide day-to-day care, supervision, and discipline for assigned children
  • Cooperate with the Program Manager and/or Case Manager to ensure adequate staff, resources, and services
  • Provide prompt, loving, and nurturing care that will meet the developmental, emotional, social, and physical needs of the child and family
  • Work with Program Manager and Case Manager to set up behavioral and developmental goals for each child
  • Maintain accurate records on each child's daily activities, developmental progress, and behavior
  • Assist with daily activities including feeding, bathing, changing, dressing, toileting, and playtime
  • Prepare and supervise snacks, meals, and special events
  • Provide transportation to and from daily activities
  • Maintain a safe and clean environment for children
  • Perform caregiver duties when needed and as defined by the Program Manager and/or Case Manager
  • Assist other staff with custodial, housekeeping, and laundry duties

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Requirements And Skills:

  • High School Diploma or equivalent
  • Must have a current First Aid and CPR Certification
  • Strong and proven ability to communicate effectively with children, parents, and other caregivers
  • Ability to multi-task, prioritize, and work successfully with volunteers
  • Ability to develop and maintain a positive, and welcoming

At [Company Name], we value diversity and inclusion. We are an equal opportunity employer committed to building a team that represents a variety of backgrounds, perspectives, and skills. We believe that a diversity of voices makes us stronger and we encourage applications from people of all races, religions, national origins, genders, gender expressions, and ages.