Civil Rights Attorney Job Description

civil rights attorney job description includes a detailed overview of the key requirements, duties, responsibilities, and skills for this role.

Last update : July 14, 2023

Civil Rights Attorney Job Description

A civil rights attorney is a lawyer who represents people affected by discrimination in the workplace, at school, or in housing.

A civil rights attorney acts on behalf of an individual or group of individuals who have been discriminated against.

They represent their clients in administrative hearings, as well as in front of court systems.

The attorney will document evidence of racial discrimination, then negotiate with the company or organization that discriminated.

If a settlement cannot be reached, the attorney will file a lawsuit or ask for a court order.

After the lawsuit is filed, the attorney will argue the case before the presiding judge or jury.

Eventually, the judge ruled or jury will rule on the case.

Job Brief:

We’re looking for a Civil Rights Attorney to help us with our case. We believe that our civil rights have been violated and we need someone to help us prove it.

Civil Rights Attorney Duties:

  • Advise on and successfully litigate cases concerning employment law, civil rights, and federal/state laws and regulations
  • Represent clients in administrative and judicial proceedings
  • Collaborate with partners, attorneys, administrative staff, other attorneys, and other attorneys clients
  • Advise on and draft legal documents and agreements
  • Represent clients in disability and employment discrimination, wage and hour, and wrongful termination cases
  • Represent clients in cases involving housing discrimination, public accommodation, education, and child custody matters
  • Attend to administrative inquiries, as well as court hearings and trials
  • Provide testimony at depositions and before administrative agencies and government agencies
  • Negotiate employment agreements, legal documents, and settlements
  • Effectively communicate with clients, coworkers, and work supervisors
  • Negotiate, draft and review contracts, employment agreements, compensation agreements, and separation agreements

Civil Rights Attorney Responsibilities:

  • Protect the organization from state and federal discrimination claims
  • Assist with affirmative action plans
  • Represent the organization in local, state, and federal civil rights proceedings
  • Provide legal advice and counsel on a range of issues, including employment matters, tort litigation, contracts, and intellectual property
  • Prepare corporate and board materials for meetings
  • Review and negotiate contracts and agreements
  • Develop, update, and maintain EEO policies and procedures
  • Manage the organization’s IT relationship

Requirements And Skills:

  • Bachelor’s degree in law
  • 3+ years of experience defending civil rights clients
  • Strong working knowledge of state and federal laws regarding civil rights
  • Strong legal research and writing skills
  • Excellent interpersonal and communication skills
  • Knowledge of federal and state court systems

At our company, we believe that diversity is key. We are proud to be an equal opportunity employer, and are committed to building a team that is inclusive of people from all walks of life. We welcome applications from people of all races, religions, nationalities, genders and ages.

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