Game Animator Job Description

game animator job description includes a detailed overview of the key requirements, duties, responsibilities, and skills for this role.

Last update : July 14, 2023

Game Animator Job Description

A game animator is someone who is in charge of creating the animation in a video game.

Animation is the process of drawing images, usually in sequential order, that are intended to represent the action or movement of an object, people or animals, or inanimate objects.

The term is most often used for computer-generated animation in video games, although it is also used in interactive media, such as animated advertising or music videos.

Job Brief:

We’re looking for a Game Animator to join our team and help us create the next great video game. The ideal candidate will have a strong background in animation and a passion for video games. If you are a creative and motivated individual, we want to hear from you!

Game Animator Duties:

  • Create animations for video games, working with a team of other artists, programmers, designers, and producers
  • Perform routine tasks, such as planning, scheduling, and process management
  • Research and review work processes, procedures, and tools
  • Work with artists and programmers to create animations
  • Maintain and manage project media assets, such as textures, models, and animation data
  • Identify performance/quality issues and make corrections as needed
  • Work with technical staff to diagnose and fix technology problems
  • Propose and implement process improvements to increase efficiency
  • Develop, implement, and maintain quality assurance protocols
  • Develop, implement, and maintain training programs
  • Oversee daily operations of facility
  • Identify and resolve problems promptly
  • Provide excellent customer service to clients
  • Follow directions, plan work, and deliver on commitments
  • Adapt to change efficiently
  • Identify training and development needs

Game Animator Responsibilities:

  • Perform concept art creation, animation, and artwork asset creation, including 3D modelling, texturing, and lighting (for modeling)
  • Develop, test, debug, and maintain game code and scripts
  • Research, develop, and test game interactions, game features, and game performance
  • Research, develop, and test game UI and game mechanics
  • Create game level designs and environments and supervise and coordinate the work of artists, animators, and programmers
  • Perform preproduction and post-production, including scheduling, testing, troubleshooting, and postproduction
  • Supervise and hire external agencies, vendors, and consultants

Requirements And Skills:

  • Bachelor’s degree in game design, animation, or related field
  • 2+ years of experience animating characters for in-game cinematics and in-game advertisements
  • Knowledge of Adobe Flash and After Effects required
  • Experience with Maya preferred
  • Understanding of 3D game animation process

At [Company Name], we believe that a diverse and inclusive team is key to success. We are committed to building a team that reflects a variety of backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives. We encourage applications from people of all races, religions, national origins, genders, gender expressions, and ages. We also welcome applications from veterans and individuals with disabilities.

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