Legal Counsel Job Description

The legal counsel provides legal advice to an organization.

The legal counsel may be an in-house attorney, or he or she may be an outside lawyer hired by the organization.

Legal counsel may be hired for a specific matter, or he or she may sometimes be retained to give legal advice on an on-going basis.

Legal counsel can also be hired to provide legal advice on a specific issue, such as a copyright or trademark infringement.

Legal counsel is typically responsible for protecting an organization’s legal rights.

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October 7, 2022

Job Brief:

We're looking for Legal Counsel to join our team! We need someone who is passionate about the law and is excited to help us grow our business. If you have a strong legal background and are interested in joining a fast-paced, growing company, we want to hear from you!

Legal Counsel Duties:

  • Review and review contracts, leases, and legal documents in order to properly classify project costs.
  • Research and resolve legal concerns.
  • Prepare legal documents, such as letters, agreements, contracts, leases, etc.
  • Advise company leaders and managers on legal aspects of project management and operations.
  • Oversee, coordinate, and communicate all legal aspects of the company’s operations.

Legal Counsel Responsibilities:

  • Review and approve all contracts, agreements, and legal correspondence, maintaining confidentiality of clients’ information.
  • Perform legal research, draft documents, and manage contracts, agreements, and legal correspondence.
  • Prepare legal opinions and answers, including responses to Requests for Admissions and Interrogatories.
  • Prepare opinions and responses to motions and appeals, including briefs, motions, and appeals.
  • Perform legal research and analysis, and coordinate responses to and investigations by regulators, customers, and other parties.
  • Participate in management, business, and industry meetings.
  • Perform legal research.
  • Perform legal analysis.
  • Provide advice, counsel, and training to management.
  • Assist in the development of new policies, procedures, training materials, and guidelines.
  • Review and revise work assignments and employee manuals, policies, and procedures.
  • Provide regular employee briefings.

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Requirements And Skills:

  • Bachelor’s degree, JD preferred.
  • 5+ years of experience as legal counsel; experience with contract review, business development and corporate transactions.
  • Excellent analytical and communications skills.
  • Strong written and oral communication skills.
  • Strong adaptability and problem-solving skills.
  • Comfortable working outside of traditional law firm structures.

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