Metal Stud Framer Job Description

metal stud framer job description includes a detailed overview of the key requirements, duties, responsibilities, and skills for this role.

Last update : July 14, 2023

Metal Stud Framer Job Description

A metal stud framer is a carpenter who builds on metal studs.

Metal studs are rectangular pieces of metal that act as supports for plasterboard (drywall).

Besides acting as a support for plasterboard, metal studs are also used for walls, ceilings, and roofs.

Metal studs are welded together to form a solid frame.

Metal studs are usually used to build frames for rooms, but they can also be used as braces for stairs or as support for beams.

Metal studs are scored with a knife and then bent to allow carpenters to cut them to the desired length.

Job Brief:

We’re looking for a Metal Stud Framer who is experienced in both commercial and residential construction. We need someone who is reliable and detail-oriented, and who has a strong work ethic.

Metal Stud Framer Duties:

  • Install metal studs and trusses in the best manner possible
  • Work with other members of the crew to ensure standards are met
  • Ensure that projects are completed on schedule
  • Communicate with other construction crew members
  • Work with architects and engineers to make sure projects are complete
  • Oversee the hiring and training of new crew members
  • Track progress to ensure deadlines are met

Metal Stud Framer Responsibilities:

  • Performs all tasks related to metal stud framing, including laying out stud patterns, installing metal studs, and completing framing assemblies
  • Performs tasks in compliance with company health and safety policies and standards
  • Performs tasks in compliance with company safety manuals, including use of tools, protective equipment, and general housekeeping
  • Performs tasks in compliance with all applicable federal, state, and local laws and regulations
  • Maintains current knowledge of proper methods and procedures for performing the job
  • Performs preventive maintenance of tools, machinery, and equipment
  • Provides input on job scheduling and work assignments
  • Communicates job status to supervisor
  • Participates in on-the-job training and reviews technical training manuals
  • Participates in safety training programs
  • Performs other duties as assigned

Requirements And Skills:

  • Bachelor’s degree in construction or related field
  • 2+ years of construction experience; 1+ year in a supervisory position
  • Knowledge of metal framing systems and techniques
  • Ability to read and understand blueprints, drawings, and technical specifications
  • Knowledge of construction methods and technologies

At [Company Name], we believe that diversity and inclusion are key to a successful business. We are committed to building a team that reflects this belief, and we encourage applications from people of all races, religions, national origins, genders, and ages, as well as veterans and individuals with disabilities.

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