Music Editor Job Description

Music editors are people who edit recorded music.

Music editors may earn their money by working as freelancers or as people who work for a client.

Music editors edit recorded music.

They do so by editing the song to remove unwanted sections – background or foreground sounds, dialogue, or lyrics; they also edit to eliminate repeats, or to synchronize the parts of a song or musical piece.

A music editor works with a music team.

The members of a music team can include musicians, engineers, and producers.

Updated on:     
October 7, 2022

Job Brief:

We're looking for a Music Editor to help us create the perfect soundtrack for our next project. If you have a passion for music and an ear for what will fit with our visuals, we want to hear from you!

Music Editor Duties:

  • Works with songwriter or producer to develop and refine recorded music using MIDI or physical instruments
  • Identifies and edits music in recording sessions
  • Researches, selects, and implements music technologies using professional software
  • Performs duties accurately, efficiently, and with attention to detail
  • Develops and maintains effective, friendly, and cooperative relationships with co-workers
  • Ensures compliance with sanitation, safety, and environmental regulations

Music Editor Responsibilities:

  • Assisting Music Director with music selection and outline preparation, as well as coordinating with the director regarding musical and staging requirements
  • Editing, mixing, and mastering music, ensuring high-quality musical content is delivered to production crews
  • Work with the audio engineer in producing live and prerecorded music, ensuring audio/video synchronization of audio and video tracks
  • Gain an understanding of all technical specifications for audio/video recording, comprising, for example, microphones, speakers, cables, and mixers
  • Establish audio/visual requirements and determine optimal locations for microphones, speakers, and cables; develop specifications for audio/video equipment
  • Maintain and update audio/video operating manual and technical specifications
  • Perform other related duties as assigned

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Requirements And Skills:

  • Bachelor’s degree with 2+ years of proven work experience in a contemporary or classical recording environment
  • Knowledge of general music editing programs (Pro Tools, Logic, Equator, etc.)
  • Proven knowledge of audio basics, including EQ and compression

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