Supply Technician Job Description

supply technician job description includes a detailed overview of the key requirements, duties, responsibilities, and skills for this role.

Last update : July 14, 2023

Supply Technician Job Description

A supply technician is a worker who performs the duties of a shipping and receiving clerk or stock clerk.

(Supply Technician)A supply technician receives, stores, and distributes supplies and materials for a business.

Their responsibilities include ordering supplies, receiving deliveries, stocking shelves, and maintaining the warehouse inventory.

Supply technician jobs are most commonly found in large manufacturing, construction, and warehouse facilities.

(Supply Technician)A supply technician is trained for this position by earning a high school diploma or GED.

They must also be able to read and speak English.

They must also be comfortable with practical applications of mathematics and

Job Brief:

We’re looking for Supply Technician to help us keep our inventory in top shape. You’ll be responsible for receiving, storing, and distributing materials and products.

Supply Technician Duties:

  • Perform all functions associated with Purchasing and Inventory for the facility, including source identification, negotiation, and product receipt, stock control, shipping, receiving, price verification, and maintenance and ordering of stock
  • Manage all inventory and purchasing activities, including preparing and approving purchase orders, developing and tracking inventory, and reconciling cash receipts and disbursements with inventory transactions
  • Generate and maintain reports on inventory, purchasing, and accounting activities
  • Maintain security of product, including perpetual and periodic inventory
  • Manage safety at all work sites
  • Performs all tasks associated with shipping and receiving
  • Assists the general manager in developing and updating policies and procedures related to purchasing, inventories, and record keeping

Supply Technician Responsibilities:

  • Experience in a manufacturing setting, preferably in construction
  • Strong understanding of inventory control, order management, and delivery systems
  • Ability to multi-task and prioritize multiple tasks in a fast-paced environment and work effectively with minimal supervision
  • Knowledge of operating equipment needed to process orders efficiently and safely

Requirements And Skills:

  • Perform quality control checks on incoming materials and storage areas, and inspect outgoing shipments to ensure they are restocked, packed, and shipped correctly
  • Perform inventory counts on stock items and parts, and maintain accurate records of quantity on hand
  • Organize and file all paperwork related to current and open projects
  • Perform administrative duties, such as maintaining employee records, office equipment, and office supplies
  • Be responsible for shipping and receiving orders for supplies and materials
  • Perform any other job-related duties as assigned

Company Name embraces diversity and is an Equal Opportunity Employer. We’re committed to building a team that is inclusive of people of all races, religions, national origins, genders, , , gender expressions, and ages. We strongly encourage applications from veterans and individuals with disabilities.

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