Surgical Assistant Job Description

A surgical assistant is a medical professional who assists a surgeon with his or her duties during surgery.

Depending on the surgical specialty, surgical assistants may be CRNAs, PAs, or RNs.

A surgical assistant typically works under the supervision of a surgeon or physician.

A surgical assistant assists during a procedure in a variety of ways, including preparing the patient for surgery, sterilizing and disinfecting surgical tools, passing instruments to the surgeon, and restraining the patient.

A surgical assistant may be required to use specialized instruments, such as retractors, hemostats, and electrocautery.

Updated on:     
October 7, 2022

Job Brief

We're looking for Surgical Assistant to work in our Operating Room. The ideal candidate will have at least 2 years of experience working in a hospital setting.

Surgical Assistant Duties

-Assist the surgeon during surgical procedures, both pre- and post-operatively
-Instruct patients on pre-operative preparation, post-surgical care and equipment
-Perform diagnostic and therapeutic procedures on patients
-Record patient information
-Assist with patient communication
-Perform clerical duties such as filing, copying, answering the telephone, and ordering supplies
-Perform other duties as assigned

Surgical Assistant Responsibilities

-Perform routine patient care procedures, including suturing, monitoring EKGs, preparing patients for surgery, administering anesthesia, and assisting surgeons during operations
-Perform administrative duties, such as maintaining medical records and answering telephones
-Assist with the maintenance of surgical areas
-Maintain hospital equipment and supplies, and perform inventory and charting duties

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Requirment And Skills

-Highly motivated, organized self-starter with demonstrated ability to multi-task
-Excellent oral and written communication skills
-Proficient with computer and office equipment
-Ability to work in a high volume environment

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