Volunteer Mentor Job Description

Volunteer mentors are business professionals from their own or other organizations who meet with students who are interested in learning practical networking skills.

A mentor is a person who provides guidance to a younger person.

A mentor is someone who assists another person in a task, as in "The mentor helped him with the budget.

"A volunteer mentor is a person who donates his or her time to a person, group, or organization who needs help.

The term volunteer implies that the person is not being paid for his or her time.

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October 7, 2022

Job Brief:

We're looking for Volunteer Mentors to help support our organization. As a Volunteer Mentor, you would be responsible for providing guidance and advice to our members. If you have a passion for helping others and want to make a difference in your community, we want you!

Volunteer Mentor Duties:

  • Assist in the implementation of a comprehensive volunteer mentoring program
  • Assist in recruiting, screening, and training volunteers
  • Help youth build and maintain positive relationships with adults in safe and supportive environments
  • Organize, coordinate, and host weekly mentoring activities
  • Provide feedback to program staff regarding program effectiveness and effectiveness in matching mentors and mentees
  • Provide input regarding program design
  • Track and evaluate program participants

Volunteer Mentor Responsibilities:

  • Develop and lead mentorship programs, such as one-on-one advising, group sessions, and informational sessions
  • Help manage mentor programs, including scheduling, training, and motivating mentors
  • Oversee volunteer recruitment and prospecting efforts, develop volunteer recruitment materials, and manage volunteer databases
  • Coordinate with managers to develop and implement retention and career development programs
  • Develop and maintain ongoing relationships with community partners to support volunteering efforts
  • Build relationships with volunteers, including through one-on-one contacts and group events
  • Other duties as assigned

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Requirements And Skills:

  • Experience as an educator or the corporate sector
  • Knowledge of college coursework, curriculum, and assessment processes
  • Ability to empathize with college students
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills

We at [Company Name] believe in equal opportunities for all. We're committed to building a team that is diverse and inclusive, and we encourage applications from people of all backgrounds. We believe that a variety of perspectives makes us stronger, and we're committed to creating an environment where everyone can thrive.