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Welcome to the Velents Business Network, where candidates can build their brands, engage with each other and with recruiters and employers and uncover a host of opportunities!

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Let your personality shine with personal branding
Skip the bland CV that lists your previous jobs like a to-do list and bring your personality to life with video and personal branding via the Velents Business Network.
Create unique and creative video content
Build your brand through video content that engages your peers and employers alike. Answer interview questions in video to showcase your talent and let employers come to you.
Connect with employers and recruiters
Use the Velents Business Network to impress and connect with recruiters and employers.
Explore and share video simulations
Customize your video resume to different jobs. Access the assessment center and get reports about your skills and professional simulations.
"Great vision without great people is irrelevant."
Jim Collins, Lecturer and Author of Good to Great.

Product tips help you customize programs, stay up-to-date, and much, much more.

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