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Accelerate your recruitment pipeline by 80% with Velents solution based on Artificial Intelligence that uses video interviews, psychometric assessments and resume analytics to reduce hiring time by 80%.

We were able to see the candidates even before calling them which saved a lot of time. It was interesting how efficient is to call only the right candidate. That saved 80% of our time.
Science-based interview structure
Velents has access on the largest occupations list with competencies. Velents suggest  the  right  competencies  for  the  positions  and  the right  questions to test  competencies and skills based on scientific researches.
Theme Builder
Anti-biasing algorithm extract personality features from the user videos and save hours of psychometric testing by utilizing the machine learning. Also we have psychologist in-house to tailor assessments tests on gamified approach
API Explorer
Build cloud database of candidates for recruiters. Integrate with gmail to receive applicants and filter them based on AI matching between job and profile. Automate whatsapp interview invitations to assist the candidate during the interview.
Bias Mitigation and Diversity Hiring
Introduce interactive live streaming interviews either as walk-in interviews or hiring managers answers candidates' questions.
"TaaS helped improve our revenue with 45% growth over the last 8 months. Could't be more satisfied!"
Monica Richards, Sr. Director of Sales

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