Why Velents?

We're on a mission to transform the hiring process! From long, tiring, boring, and often frustrating to fast, efficient, and satisfactory for all!

Whether you're an employer, recruitment agency, freelance recruiter, or candidate, we'll change what you think about the hiring process for good.


A wide array of tech hiring solutions for your every need

Trim your hiring process by 80%!

Forget about long interviews, hundreds of resumes to screen for a single job opening and long working hours. With Velents, hiring has never been faster or easier.

With Velents, your candidate hiring process just got 80% shorter!

"It was amazing seeing candidates before meeting them. We got all what we needed before catching up with the candidates."
-Osama Harfoush, Country Manager at Mrsool

Hire fairly and mitigate bias with AI

Remove unconscious bias from your hiring process.

You no longer have to worry about forming a first impression about candidates when you meet them. Use technical tests and psychometric assessments to evaluate candidates' skills.

Our AI software will then help you rank candidates across all stages of the hiring process and let you compare answers and results to find your perfect fit.


Why your team will love Velents

Structured interview questions
Use structured interview questions for every job role from our mega library.
See first with video interviews
Get to know your candidates before meeting them with quick video interviews.
Uncover hidden talents
Discover candidates' hidden skills with personality and psychometric tests.
No more hiring bias
Mitigate hiring bias and ensure an equal opportunity for all candidates AI ranking software.
Create, manage, and review technical assessments
Create technical tests for candidates and rank them by success and relevance.
Tech hiring made easy for non-techies
Our database of coding assessments will help HR and recruiters hire technical teams.
Conversational recruitment
Reach more candidates and get them to answer interview questions via instant messaging platforms.
Job descriptions and competencies database
Our database offers 1,000+ job descriptions and competencies to measure candidates' skills.
Mobile app for all your needs
Get all our services on-the-go with the Velents mobile app!.

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