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Hiring bias is making you miss out on the best talent. Our AI reduces interview bias, helping you find candidates who really fit in.

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Using science and AI to measure personality

Velents analyzes all important aspects of behavior and communication, including language, voice, and facial expressions, to create a  personality profile based on the scientifically-validated Big 5 Personality Model






Faster Hiring Process

Using customized behavioral assessment reports, remove interview biases and find the right candidate that fits your company's culture.

Getting an accurate picture of each candidate as quickly as possible.

Automate personality tests through AI and avoid biases.

Hire the best person for the job as quickly as possible.

Reduce hiring bias

Get deeper insights from video interviews and behavioral reports about talents.

Velents will evaluate candidates based on their personality, skills, and tendencies. By matching candidates' answers and video interviews with criteria from your job description, to help you make well-informed and unbiased talent decisions.

Analyzes their answers.

Matches those answers with their CV and competencies.

Write a full report about their performance.