Coding Assessment
Hiring tech talent and programmers has never been easier!

Finding tech talents is hard work. Why? Because there are more jobs than there are developers, programmers, and engineers. Velents will help you discover the creatives, the communicators, and the problem-solvers behind the code.

Hiring programmers made easier for non-technical recruiters
Non-technical recruiters often struggle to hire tech talent. And it's understandable. But with Velents' Coding Assessment, that's no longer the case.
Hundreds of coding assessments at your disposal
Skip the time needed to create a code assessment for candidates. With Velents' Coding Assessments, you'll have access to hundreds of pre-made technical assessments. Plus, non-technical recruiters can easily create a code assessment based on the job description and seniority level required.
Use AI to review coding assessments
Once the candidate completes the code assessment, recruiters and hiring managers can use Velents' software to rank the results of the test based on pre-set criteria.
Conduct live coding interviews
With the review and ranking complete, the recruiter and hiring manager can conduct a live coding interview with the top-ranking candidates. With these live interviews, hiring managers can go beyond the code and explore a candidate's creative thinking.
“In many ways, being a good tester is harder than being a good developer because testing requires not only a very good understanding of the development process and its products, but it also demands an ability to anticipate likely faults and errors.”
John D. McGregor, author of Practical Guide to Testing Object-Oriented Software

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