Conversational Recruitment
Get in touch with more candidates using SMS and WhatsApp.

Share your open roles with candidates and have them apply and answer questions using SMS and WhatsApp. Velents' AI will then analyze those answers and video interviews using a psychometric assessment.

Whatsapp conversational recruiting
Reach more candidates with social messaging
Your candidates are people who use social messaging tools every day. With Velents' conversational recruitment software, you can reach more candidates using SMS and WhatsApp.
Increase engagement with candidates
The hiring process is often seen as a one-way conversation. The recruiter asks questions and the candidate answers them. With Velents' AI-powered conversational recruitment software, it's a two-way conversation that allows for better connectivity – and you don't even have to be there.
WhatsApp hiring works
Get candidates to answer your interview questions and upload their resumes directly on WhatsApp. You can then view their answers and resumes via the dashboard.
Build your network of professional candidates
Skip the Google forms, the endless excel sheets, and the scattered notes. With WhatsApp and Velents, you can build your database of candidates by job title and view everything from your dashboard.
Did you know that there are over 2 billion active monthly users on WhatsApp? Plus, lots of people share jobs on the platform.
Leverage WhatsApp in your process with Velents today!

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