Evaluation & AssessmentsEvaluation & Assessments
Evaluate your candidates with pre-hiring personality tests and Velents Fit Index.

Pre-hiring tests and assessments help recruiters uncover high-potential candidates early on. Data shows that nearly 82% of companies use some form of pre-hiring assessment.

Uncover your candidate's hidden potential with psychometric testing
Get a peek into a candidate's character and uncover their cognitive and behavioral traits. These will help you determine if they're a good fit for the position and company.
Prioritize your candidates by job relevance
Make hiring decisions with confidence. Velents' software will rank candidates based on how well they fit your needs and job description.
Increase hiring efficiency with science and evaluations
Create tests for candidates regardless of position or department and let Velents rank your candidates based on their scores. Get a clearer view of your applicants' strengths and increase the efficiency of your new hires.
Reduce bias with Velents Fit Index
No need to worry about hiring bias anymore. Velents Fit Index uses data and science to rank candidates by relevance and how well they achieved on their tests. The process takes seconds!
Did you know that evaluating a candidate's work sample has proven to be the most effective method of assessing a candidate's skill and performance?
Monica Richards, FurstPerson

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