Interview Builder

Create a science-based interview to reduce hiring bias and choose the best candidates.

To help companies, recruiters, and hiring managers build structured interviews, Velents has partnered with O*Net and Sam M. Walton college.

Create consistent interviews
How can you see a candidate's strengths and weaknesses? By creating a list of science-based interview questions. With Velents' Interview Builder, you'll get access to hundreds of questions for your interview process.
Access 1,000+ job descriptions
Our partnership with O*Net and Sam M. Walton college means recruiters and hiring managers using Velents can access 1,000+ job descriptions and thousands of competencies to hire the best candidates.
Compare candidates' answers
After candidates submit their answers to your questions, use Velents to compare and rank those answers based on your job description.
Reduce hiring bias
With the answers to your questions ready, Velents' software will rank your applicants' answers based on criteria from your job description. This means there will be no hiring bias in the interview process.
"Hiring is the most important people function you have, and most of us aren’t as good at it as we think. Refocusing your resources on hiring better will have a higher return than almost any training program you can develop."
Laszlo Bock, Co-founder and CEO of Humu and Author of Work Rules

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