Sourcing assistant for HR and hiring managers
Collect all your sourcing efforts in one place and let the hiring magic begin!

Collecting resumes from multiple channels such as social media, email, job boards, and referrals is the most tedious task of all. But with Velents' Sourcing Assistant, this job is going to get a lot easier and speedier.

Expand your sourcing strategy with AI and a mobile app
Reach candidates wherever they are with Velents' conversational recruitment tool, where candidates can upload their resumes and answer questions via WhatsApp and our mobile app.
Combine all your sourcing channels in one place
Do you have hundreds of resumes for different positions from various channels? With Velents' bulk resume upload feature, you'll have everything organized in one place so your hiring process is easier and faster.
Make your company shine with a branded career page
Put your company in the spotlight with a branded career page. Tell candidates what it’s like working with you, introduce your teams, and more. Get candidates to engage with you and learn more about your business before they apply.
Bias Mitigation and Diversity Hiring
Introduce interactive live streaming interviews either as walk-in interviews or hiring managers answers candidates' questions.
Almost 96% of recruiters believe AI can improve the talent acquisition process and employee retention, while 35% of HR managers say that not automating manual processes results in higher hiring costs. Recruiters lose an average 14 hours per week doing manual tasks.

Mobile app can be used for this feature. Get the full Velents experience via mobile!

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