Video Interview
Screening and interviewing made faster with analytics. Find your most suitable hires now!

With on-demand video interviews, you can speed up your interview and recruitment process by as much as 80% with Velents. Our software will analyze your candidates' recorded video interview and highlight the top candidates on your list.

Smarter hiring with video
You no longer need to take time to schedule interviews and meet candidates for hours. With video interviews, you can get to know your candidates before meeting them.
Save time and avoid bad hires
Many times candidates look great on their resumes but within the first 5 minutes of the interview, you can tell they're not for you. With Velents, this time-suck is a thing of the past. Easily weed out irrelevant applicants, those who are applying to anything, and those who.
More candidates = More time
With Velents' Video Interview software, candidates can interview at their own time. Send candidates invitations to conduct the video interview. Once they are done, Velents' software will analyze the videos and rank them for you based on which is most suited to your needs.
Make faster hiring decisions
Review your candidates' ranking based on their video interviews and make faster decisions on who goes on to the next round and who doesn't.
Video interviews are 6x faster to conduct than phone and in-person interviews. Recruiters and hiring managers can review 10 or more video interviews in an hour, whereas a phone or in-person interview would take 45 to 60 minutes.

Mobile app can be used for this feature. Get the full Velents experience via mobile!

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