Diversity Hiring

Achieve your diversity hiring goals and create a diverse and inclusive team.

Diversity hiring isn't a trend. It's here to stay. Companies that recruit diverse candidates see higher profits than those who don't. Data also shows that racially and ethnically diverse companies see better performance by 35% because their diverse teams offer more innovation and have better problem-solving skills

To increase diversity hiring in your company, you'll need to reduce hiring bias, recruit diverse candidates, and create a diverse and inclusive work environment for these people. And Velents will help you get there.

What We Offer

Unbiased job descriptions
Automatically generate job descriptions without hiring bias.
Thousands of skills & competencies
With 1,000+ competencies to choose from, your hiring decision is about character and skill.
Video interviews for all
No need to worry about missing out on diverse talent with video interviews. Let all candidates answer your questions in video.
Database of diverse candidates
Keep your diverse applicants close for your next vacancy with the Velents database.
Uncover diverse talent with evaluations
With unbiased evaluations and psychometric tests, you can explore your candidates hidden traits without bias.
Remove bias with structured interviews
Use structured interviews to offer all candidates an equal chance to prove themselves.
Did you know that inclusive and diverse teams make better business decisions nearly 87% of the time? Or that inclusive teams make decisions 2x faster and with fewer meetings?