Overseas Recruitment

Find the most suitable overseas candidates using Velents AI-powered overseas recruitment solutions.

Recruiting candidates overseas differs from local recruitment. From attracting candidates who may not have heard of you to screening hundreds of resumes to conducting interviews across various time zones. The process is exhausting and often feels like unchartered waters.

But with Velents' recruitment software, you'll be able to attract, screen, assess and evaluate, interview and complete your hire in no time. Plus with a uniquely-branded employer page, your overseas recruits will meet you and get excited to impress you and work with you.


What We Offer

Save time screening overseas candidates
Cut down on screening time with AI, ranking candidates based on skills and relevance to jobs.
Use structured interviews to find the best candidates
Compare candidates' skills and performance with structured questions.
Don't worry about time zones with video interviews
Overcome time zone worries and let candidates answer your questions via video interviews at their own time.
Evaluate with assessments and psychology
Uncover overseas candidates' hidden talents with psychometric assessments and role-related evaluations.
Hire tech talent with ease
Select coding assessments from Velents database and conduct interactive coding interviews with hiring managers afterwards.
Standout with employer branding
Attract overseas candidates and engage with them before screening and hiring with a branded employer page.
Nearly 86% of job seekers look up company reviews and ratings online before applying to a job, while 75% prefer to apply to jobs where the company actively manages its employer brand.
Data compiled by Glassdoor.