Professional Structured Interviews

Easily create structured interviews to compare applicants' skills better and find the perfect candidate.

Hiring managers often struggle to remember what a candidate said in an interview.

But with structured interviews, you'll be able to create and use predetermined questions for all your applicants.

With Velents' professional structured interviews, recruiters and hiring managers can compare and contrast candidates based on the same criteria, making hiring process decisions legally defensible and reducing bias.

What We Offer

Speed up your hiring process
Hire faster with a prepared list of questions for all your candidates.
Avoid missed the right candidate and compare easily
Easily compare candidates' answers and avoid the cost of missing the right candidate.
Hundreds of predetermined questions
Think less about the questions and more about finding that hire with hundreds of questions.
Customizable structured interview questions
Create your own questions for standardized interview questions based on your hiring needs.
Hire on science-based approach
Remove the guesswork from the hiring process with science and AI.
Remove hiring bias
Assess candidates based on their skillset not their resume.
"If you think it’s expensive to hire a professional, wait until you hire an amateur."
Red Adair, American oil well firefighter