Recruitment Agencies

Trimming and transforming the hiring process for recruitment agencies.

Recruitment agencies have a lot on their plate every day. Agencies take on the hiring process from A to Z.

From constantly having to update their pool of talented candidates to supporting businesses looking to expand their teams or hire new managers to managing new hires – the list is long. They also have to fulfill their clients' needs, create clear job descriptions, evaluate candidates, and more.

There's a lot of time wasted between emails and assessments and client talks. But with Velents, recruitment agencies will be able to cut down their hiring time by 80% and boost business efficiency.

What We Offer

Screen candidates in minutes
With video interviews and ranking, you'll be able to screen dozens of candidates in an hour.
Satisfy clients with structured interviews for candidates
Make it easy for your clients to compare the top talents using structured interviews.
No hiring bias
With AI tools and science, there will be no recruitment bias in your agency.
Hire tech talent with ease
Use coding assessments regardless of your applicant's seniority and let the hiring manager take it from there.
Assess and evaluate in seconds
Ensure your talent pool is top notch with psychometric and technical assessments.
Speed up the hiring process
Velents' recruitment tech will trim your hiring process by 80%.
Nearly 87% of US employers and 100% of Chinese companies are using some form of AI for their recruitment process (SHRM, 2021).