Technical Teams

You don't have to have a technical background to hire a tech team anymore!

Tech talent is hard to find. Ask any recruiter, hiring manager or startup owner and they'll sigh and shake their head. It gets even harder for HR personnel and recruitment agencies with no technical background or experience who need to fill tech roles or create full-on technical teams. How can they evaluate potential tech recruits and find suitable candidates for the positions they're filling?

To overcome this, tech hiring managers, HR, and recruitment agencies need a break and a faster way to recruit tech talent that's already scarce. That's where Velents' AI-powered ranking and assessment software comes in. To bridge the gaps and speed up the overall tech hiring process by 80%.

What We Offer

Hiring tech teams made easy for non-techies
Non-tech recruiters and HR can now hire tech talent with ready-made tech tests and AI ranking software.
Mega library of tech tests and code assessments available
Pick which technical skills you want to test from Velents' vast library of technical and code assessments.
Screen dozens in minutes
Let top candidates' resumes jump to the top with AI.
Meet talents first with video
Send in questions for candidates to answer in a short video interview. Then, let Velents prioritize videos by relevance.
Use psychometric testing for hidden skills
Psychometric and personality tests will help you see what lies beyond a candidate's resume and technical skills.
Attract talent with employer branding
Use your branded employer page to entice tech talents to meet your team and join your company.
"You can't be in the tech community ... without realizing there's a big shortage of talent."
Mitch Kapor, entrepreneur and former founder of Lotus Software