University Admission Solutions

Got thousands of university admissions? Students struggling to find work after graduation? We've got the solution!

Universities struggle with the massive volumes of admissions they receive. At the same time, when students graduate, they struggle to find jobs because they're neither prepared for the job market nor do they have the skills to pass interviews. Saying fresh and no experience poses a problem.

But what if fresh grads can get career coaching, practice job interviews, and get hired straight out of university? No, it's not a dream. It's the new reality with Velents.

What We Offer

Speed up university admission with video interviews
Save hours of admission work and meet your students with video interviews
Career coaching for fresh grads
Students can meet mentors and career coaches for live-streaming sessions about getting into the job market
Let fresh grads shine with personal branding
Students can create video profiles, answer questions, and engage with companies before they even graduate.
Prep students for work with interview simulations
We'll help students prepare for the job market with interview simulations.
Connecting grads with jobs
Velents will connect students and fresh grads with companies and jobs.
Select scholarship winners with AI
Got hundreds of scholarship applicants? Velents' ranking solutions will speed up admission screening by 80%.
Did you know that among the 10 US universities that received the most student applications in fall 2019,  the average was 85,653 applications?