VC Pitching Screening

Now venture capital firms can connect and rank startups based on potential using Velents.

Every day new founders come together with ideas to launch a startup. But with so many startups out there and few venture capitalists and angel investors, the competition is on fire!

How can VCs view so many startups and find the best contenders? With Velents' ranking software, we're helping VCs review all the information they need from multiple startups in minutes! VCs can cut down the time they need to decide if a startup is capable of scaling by 80%.

What We Offer

Screen startups with ease and speed
Set up your criteria and screen startups easily and quickly with ranking software.
Explore startups before you meet them
List your questions and let startup founders answer in one-way video interviews then prioritize based on video performance.
Uncover founders' hidden potential
Are these founders going to make it? Discover their behavioral and cognitive skills using psychometric testing.
Evaluate, assess, and rank
Set up evaluations for startups to complete and move up in your list.
Let the pitching begin with live interviews
Use live interviews to take notes and rank responses for final contending startups pitching their ideas.
Fast-paced ranking software
Velents' ranking software will rank and prioritize startups for you every step of the way from screening to the final step.
From the CEO, receptionist to the office manager, everybody at your startup should know the one minute pitch of your business
Timi Nadela