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With a simple process and easy interface, Velents helped me cut the time and costs of the hiring process. Within a moderate budget, I was able to find the best employees for my hiring needs. Their process is simple, easy to use, and has effective results.
Sarah Matt
Talent Acquisition Manager
With Velents I was able to find the best employees for my company. Their process is simple, easy to use, and has effective results. They saved me time and money while the platform helped me meet our company's needs in an extremely efficient manner.
Emma Lee
Lead Developer
When I started using Velents, I had a very specific set of requirements for my next sales hire. Their process is so streamlined that less than a week later, we had the perfect fit in hand.
Sam Moritz
HR Manager

Frequently Asked Questions

Can we customize the personality assessment? Does it use Big Five personality traits or Myer Briggs?

- It's actually the big five personality traits as it's more efficient, but we can happily add more assessments upon request.

What are the programming languages you have assessments already prepared for?

We have many different questions and assessments prepared for Java, Python, Ruby, Javascript, C, C++, Golang, 3Ada, C#, Fortran, Java7, Kotlin, Objective C, Objective-C++, Perl, PHP, Scala, Swift, and much more. We are always keen to be as helpful as you'd need us to so don't hesitate to ask for any kind of assessment.

Can I download candidate videos?

No, to adhere to Information Technology Act, 2000 (IT Act), Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA), General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), and other such national and regional Data Protection and Data Privacy regulations, we do not provide options to export or download videos from Velents.

How does Velents cut down my hiring time?

Velents is designed to work as your hiring assistant. Our AI-driven pre-screening does the heavy-lifting of analyzing and scoring candidate responses for you. In just a few hours of posting your job, you see a stack of candidates ranked by their scores.
The AI also gives you a full personality analysis of the candidates and offers you plenty of suggested questions to choose from that will give you an insight to the candidate's personality and ability to handle the job. It also takes care of the first interview and the scheduling for the all the next ones.
There is no more sifting through resumes, countless traditional interviews, and judgment errors in assessing candidates. We built Velents to cut down the hiring time by 80%, and so far we’ve exceeded our customers' expectations.

What is Velents?

Velents is an All-in-one, easy-to-manage platform with AI-powered tools for more efficient hiring that provide relevant applicant insights. and the ability to host assessments such as tests, challenges, tasks and more!

What job roles can I hire on Velents ?

Our platform supports hiring for more than 40 job functions fully by completely taking care of the description to the posts, assessments, tests and more. You can hire for for all kinds of jobs no matter how many they are such as Customer Service, Human Resources, Information Technology, Marketing, Sales and way more.
Jobs created on Velents are complemented with interview questions for the skills required for the job.
You can pick and choose the skills and questions based on your expectations from the hires. Our AI analyses (expressions), Voices, processes their languages (NLP), capabilities and skills, and scores candidates' video responses for Professionalism, Sociability, Communication, and introvertness vs extrovertness levels and a lot more.
It also allows you to choose what traits you want to eliminate. You can play the videos and manually score the candidates for additional factors such as Clarity, Conciseness, and Relevance or let our AI do the heavy work, You can hire for ANY role.
If you do not find a job function you're looking for, please reach out to our Customer Support. We can help you add the job function and handpick the skills from our chat inbox.

What web browser should I use?

Our software and website support all browsers and we also have an APP available on all platforms!

How can I reach out to my target candidates using Velents?/ How do I post to xyz? (employee sourcing platform)

You can post on Indeed by simply creating a new job on Velents, generate a structured questionnaire for the key skills you are looking for in candidates such as growth mindset, adaptability, time management,... etc. You can also share the job to more than 2000 job boards via paid ads on to the desired platform or you can copy the shareable link for the job and share it as a LinkedIn status update. Additionally, you can embed the Velents job link to the 'Apply now' button in the Job Description on Indeed profile or your company career page.

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