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Companies can meet, assess, and evaluate candidates, and mitigate bias all at the same time, while candidates can build their personal brands, connect with companies, and apply for jobs using the Velents Business Network and Mobile App

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Science-based interviews with questions and competencies
Access Velents' mega occupations list with thousands of competencies. We'll help you by suggesting the right competencies for the position you're looking to fill along with structured interview questions to test those competencies and evaluate candidates equally and fairly.
Psychometric and skills assessments
Uncover candidates' cognitive skills with psychometric testing. Create and generate job-related tests to assess your candidates' skills. Our in-house psychologist can also tailor tests to your needs. With assessments and AI, there's no room for hiring biases.
Sourcing assistant for your hiring needs
Combine resumes from multiple platforms, emails, and other sources in a single cloud database. Reach more candidates with interview invitations via WhatsApp. Velents will then rank candidates based on relevance between the job description and profile submitted.
Diversity hiring and bias mitigation
At Velents, we want to help businesses create a diverse work environment and clear away hiring biases from all stages of the recruitment process. Our AI-powered hiring technology will help you rank resumes and assessment results based on relevance not personal impressions.
Velents Mobile App & Business Network
candidates can easily post their personal branding videos and bring their personalities to life using VRESUMES!
"Hire character. Train skill"
Peter Schutz.

With the Velents mobile app, you can apply to jobs and network.
Employers can create their employer brands, while candidates can build their personal brands using video.

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