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Velents AI video interview platform

Our Customers Used AI To Screen Candidates for +1,340 companies

Hiring process by AI Interview Assistant

Zero In on What Truly Matters

Don’t let mundane tasks overshadow your strategic vision and talent management. Prioritize what’s essential while our tools handle the routine repetitive tasks.

Maximize Your Time on What Truly Counts

Sort, Scan, and Organize Thousands of Resumes in a Snap.

Unbiased Insights

Velents AI Assistant Interviews Candidates, Analyzes Their Responses, and Extracts Accurate Behavioral, Psychological, and Skills-based Insights

Say Goodbye to Resumes and Hire with Skill Reports

Set the Assessment, Assign it to Your Candidates. Get Precise Insights That Empower You to Make the Perfect Hiring Decision

All Your Hiring Data in One Place

Search and Filter Through Thousands of Resumes… Manage Your Candidate Data… Take Collective Actions with Your Candidates.

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Pick the Best Candidates with Velents Tools

AI-powered tool for recruitment automation

Recruitment Automation

AI will help you easily speed up your hiring. with AI Screening and video interviews.

Candidates' data management by AI-driven tool

Talent Pool

All your candidate data in one place, allowing you to search, sort, and manage their information collectively.

Candidates' skills assessments by AI assistant

Skill-based Assessments

Test and evaluate the skills of your job applicants using a range of psychological, behavioral and technical assessments prepared by proficient specialists.

Comprehensive skills report by AI interview assistant

AI Skills Reports

Make informed hiring decisions with comprehensive, AI-powered reports.

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