Landscape Architect Job Description

landscape architect job description includes a detailed overview of the key requirements, duties, responsibilities, and skills for this role.

Last update : July 14, 2023

Landscape Architect Job Description

A landscape architect is a person skilled in the design, planning, and cultivation of land for parks, gardens, and other outdoor uses.

They are often hired by businesses and homeowners to create and maintain outdoor spaces like patios, lawns, and gardens.

Landscape architects also work on the development of public spaces such as parks, streetscapes, and airports.

Landscape architects often plan landscaping features with consideration for the environment, such as creating wildlife sanctuaries or pesticide-free zones.

Job Brief:

We’re looking for an experienced Landscape Architect to join our team. The ideal candidate will have a passion for design and a strong understanding of the principles of landscape architecture. They will be able to take on challenging projects and deliver high-quality results. If you are a creative problem-solver with a desire to create beautiful and functional outdoor spaces, we want to hear from you!

Landscape Architect Duties:

  • Review, research, analyze, and understand landscaping plans, designs, and specifications
  • Prepare landscape plans, specifications, and estimates
  • Review, research, and understand current and updated landscape trends
  • Develop and implement landscape designs
  • Manage and develop landscaping projects
  • Maintain relationships with clients, and maintain professional relationships
  • Perform tasks according to policies and procedures
  • Perform other duties as assigned

Landscape Architect Responsibilities:

  • Develop designs, layouts, and specifications of landscapes, including landscaping, softscapes, and irrigation
  • Manage land surveying and mapping operations, including coordinate with land surveyors, GIS, and contractors
  • Engage in hiring, training, and supervising of landscape installation crews
  • Maintain and update landscape project files and records
  • Acquire and maintain permits, licenses, and insurance coverage
  • Attend preconstruction, coordination, progress, and completion meetings
  • Maintain a CAD database of all vegetation to be planted, a temporary landscape database for use on job sites, and other project documentation

Requirements And Skills:

  • Bachelor’s degree in landscape architecture or a related field
  • 2+ years of proven experience in the design of landscape architecture projects, including at least one full project from conception through completion
  • Knowledge of design, planning, and project management techniques
  • Knowledge of local and state design standards and regulations

[Company Name] is committed to diversity and inclusion in the workplace. We encourage applications from all individuals, regardless of race, religion, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, or age. We are especially interested in candidates who can contribute to the diversity and inclusion of our team.

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