Quality Coordinator Job Description

quality coordinator job description includes a detailed overview of the key requirements, duties, responsibilities, and skills for this role.

Last update : July 14, 2023

Quality Coordinator Job Description

The quality coordinator is responsible for ensuring that quality control systems are in place and that quality activities are carried out efficiently.

This individual guides production workers on how to properly follow procedures in order to ensure that products produced are up to the company’s standards.

The quality coordinator checks the accuracy of work done by production workers and ensures that lines are running smoothly.

The quality coordinator works closely with the quality control manager and the quality assurance manager.

The quality coordinator’s primary responsibility is to ensure that all required procedures are in place for the company’s products.

In addition to making sure that quality procedures are followed, the quality coordinator also checks the quality standards.

The quality coordinator may double-check records.

Job Brief:

We’re looking for a Quality Coordinator who is passionate about quality assurance and has a strong attention to detail. The Quality Coordinator will be responsible for ensuring that all products meet the highest quality standards and will work closely with the production team to ensure that all products are manufactured to the highest quality standards. The Quality Coordinator will also be responsible for conducting quality audits and will work with the Quality Manager to develop and implement quality control procedures.

Quality Coordinator Duties:

  • Manage, monitor, and maintain quality control procedures
  • Ensure that all contractors, subcontractors, and vendors maintain the necessary quality standards as specified in the project documents
  • Create and maintain quality assurance programs to ensure optimum project outcomes
  • Manage and oversee quality personnel, determine training needs, and development programs
  • Create and maintain performance measurement tools to track the performance of quality personnel and contractors

Quality Coordinator Responsibilities:

  • Develop and implement quality assurance plans to ensure compliance with federal, state, and local safety regulations
  • Document standard operating procedures, review site documents, and conduct inspections
  • Develop metrics for quality assurance performance throughout the construction process and report findings to upper management
  • Implement and maintain LEAN practices to reduce waste and cost
  • Develop employee training programs
  • Promote safety within your organization

Requirements And Skills:

  • College degree in engineering, engineering technology, industrial management, business administration, economics, or relevant field
  • 5+ years of experience in quality management
  • Solid technical background in quality principles, such as ANSI, ISO, and ASTM standards
  • Ability to develop and execute plans

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