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Are we user-friendly?

We’re unlike other platforms! No need to wade through endless steps to reach your goal. just a few clicks and reach your objective without any help

Seamless and Comprehensive Platform?

In contrast to TestGorilla, we offer a diverse set of tools that will enhance and streamline your recruitment process, ensuring its completeness and accuracy.

Struggling with recruitment data chaos?

TestGorilla may not meet your expectations, but we have Velents Talent Pool—a tool that streamlines sorting, searching, organizing, and managing your recruitment data effortlessly, all at the click of a button.

Wasting Your Time on Code Assessment Setup?

Your time is valuable! so unlike Test Gorilla!, you can now simply choose the assessment and assign it to your candidates. Sit back, and receive the detailed report.

Velents Leads
TestGorilla Follows




Our Features

Wait… We’re Not Done Yet!

Uncover Top Talent

You have the power to choose the cream of the crop among candidates. By comparing and analyzing their skills and behaviors, And making informed hiring decisions based on the best possible analysis.

Take Control Of Your Data Protection

Velents designed to simplify the lives of recruitment managers, offering robust data protection that ensures the utmost security for your recruitment data.

Swift Support, Faster Than Lightning

Unlike Test Gorilla, we are available round the clock. providing lightning-fast support, responding to your inquiries and questions with speed that surpasses even your partner’s response to a gift delivery shop.

Your Company’s Treasury Takes Priority

Our prices are $400 lower than Test Gorilla, offering superior quality tools. With that extra $400, the possibilities are endless!

Unrestricted Recruiting With Authority And Compliance?

Velents has you covered.

Limited evaluations, restricted authority, and high prices?

Time To Reconsider.

Velents Vs. TestGorilla?

Let The Recruitment Experiences Of Our Clients Do The Talking For Us.

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Experience the taste of freedom in hirin