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Summer hottest Feature: Career page Feature 

We’re thrilled to announce a brand-new feature to enhance our customer hiring process: CareerPage 

This update will help our customers to create a professional public page showcasing all their job vacancies. Here’s how to make the most of this new functionality:

1. Create a Job: Start by creating a new job posting in your dashboard.

2. Enter Job Details: Fill in all the necessary job details

3. Share Job on CareerPage: Open the toggle for “Share Job in CareerPage” to include the job on your public CareerPage.

4. Manage CareerPage Settings: Toggle the CareerPage on or off as needed.

5. Candidate Actions: Candidates can access the CareerPage, view job details, apply for positions, and use filters to find suitable jobs.


  • Instant CareerPage Creation: Users can quickly set up a professional CareerPage without additional tools or services.
  • Increased Visibility: Public job listings enhance visibility and accessibility for potential candidates.
  • User-Friendly Management: Simple toggles and settings make managing job listings and the CareerPage straightforward.
  • Enhanced Candidate Experience: Advanced filters and easy application processes improve the candidate experience.

This new feature is designed to save the users time and help them attract the best candidates quickly and efficiently.

That is not the whole story: We released Screening Questions Feature, Requisitions, Direct AI Interviews, and Assessments.

We’re thrilled to announce a brand-new features to enhance your hiring process: 

Screening Questions

This update will help you quickly identify and qualify candidates based on their responses. 

Here’s how to make the most of this new functionality:

1. Create a Job:

   – Start by creating a new job posting in your dashboard.

2. Enter Job Details:

   – Fill in all the necessary job details such as Job Role, Department, Employment Type, and Location.

3. Add Screening Questions:

  •  After entering the job details, add screening questions to filter candidates effectively. You can choose from multiple types:
  • Text Questions: Allow candidates to provide detailed responses.
  • Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs): Provide predefined options for candidates to choose from.
  • Upload Questions: Request candidates to upload necessary documents or files.
  • Number Questions:  Qualify candidates based on numerical responses.

4. Share the Job Posting:

  • Once the job and screening questions are set up, share the job posting with potential candidates.

5. Candidate Application Process:

   – Candidates will see the job posting and proceed to fill in their first name, last name, and upload their CV.

   – After these initial steps, they will be presented with the screening questions you have added.

6. Evaluation and Qualification: 

  •    Based on their responses to the screening questions, candidates will be automatically categorized into either the “Qualified” or “Unqualified” stage.
  • You can then take further actions based on their qualification status.

Requisition Feature 

This feature is crucial for two roles: hiring managers and recruiters. Here’s how it works:

For Hiring Managers:

  • Easily request a job by accessing the requisition section.
  • Click on “Start a New Job Request.”
  • Fill in the necessary information for the request.

For Recruiters:

  • Receive an email with the request details.
  • Options to accept, reject, or neglect the request.
  • If accepted, hiring managers will receive an email confirmation.
  • If rejecting, recruiters need to provide a reason for the rejection.

This feature will enhance communication between managers and recruiters, helping them manage needed vacancies within the budget more effectively.

Automatic Acceptance and Rejection

We’re excited to introduce a new feature that automates the candidate acceptance and rejection process.

New Feature: Automatic Acceptance and Rejection

What’s New:

  • Recruiters can now accept and reject candidates with ease.
  • Candidates will be automatically moved to the “Accepted” or “Rejected” stage based on the recruiter’s decision.
  • This feature allows recruiters to send acceptance or rejection emails as needed.

This enhancement will significantly improve the overall candidate management process, ensuring a smoother and more efficient workflow for recruiters.

We also made some UX enhancement

User Experience Enhancement for Direct AI Interviews and Assessments 

What’s New:

You can now send AI interviews or assessments directly to candidates without needing to add them in the second step of the job creation process or create a call to action.

This streamlines the process, making it easier and faster to send assessments.

This enhancement will significantly improve the efficiency of the hiring process, increasing the focus more on finding the right candidates.

These new features are designed to save you time and help you find the best candidates quickly and efficiently. We hope you find your suitable Candidate!

Happy to answer any questions or support, book us sometime here.

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