Reverse Mentoring

Last update : July 12, 2023

What is Reverse Mentoring? 

Reverse mentoring represents a new and evolving trend in business where senior executives are mentoring their younger coworkers on topics like social media and technology.

Reverse mentoring is the practice of business owners or professionals sharing wisdom, experiences, and knowledge with younger or less experienced employees.

Companies such as Google and Intel have made reverse mentoring a cornerstone of their company culture, promoting employee development through mentorship.

Years of experience do not equate to the wisdom of a leader. In fact, the most experienced leaders always share all of their company’s wisdom with employees.

Why are reverse mentoring necessary?

Because they provide an opportunity for employees to learn from each other. By mentoring someone who is new to the company, or new to a certain role, employees can share their own knowledge and experience to help someone else succeed. In return, the mentee can provide fresh perspectives and new ideas to the mentor. Reverse mentoring can help to build a stronger, more collaborative workforce.

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