This page outlines our editorial policies and guidelines in order to give you an idea of how we create our original material. Our editorial process is aimed to give our readers with accurate, clear, and trustworthy information.

Our Mission 

The very main goal of recruitment is finding the most suitable candidate for an open position in a company. Each company and each position has their own requirements, responsibilities, culture, traits and so on.

We know how overwhelming the process can be, we’ve been there, whether as recruiters or candidates. Despite the clarity of the process, it can be super exhausting. It requires time, great focus, a load of information and huge costs. 

Our goal is to refine the recruitment journey to be in one place, automated and fairly conducted. We do extensive amounts of research on each step of the process and offer the sum of this research in the matter of analysed revised data that guides your hiring decision. 

Our Sourcing Policy

In order to provide our readers with authoritative content, we exclusively use reputable, data-driven sources. We will never publish a fact or data point without reviewing it for authenticity and bias. 

Sources we use include:

  • Legitimate recruiting associations
  • Reports and polling data published by HR agencies
  • Data that originates from college and university level research
  • Systematic reviews of peer-reviewed HR and recruiting journals

Our Expert Writers 

Prior to publication, our content undergoes a rigorous vetting process. Our dedicated team of HR and recruiting writers thoroughly research each topic before submitting their work for approval. Once this first step is complete, our Review Panel fact-checks and revises these drafts to make sure they are accurate and free of bias. 

This panel consists of recruiters, HR experts and hiring experts. These leading experts are specifically selected for their extensive knowledge and real-world experience, as well as their ability to communicate complex information in a clear, helpful, and unbiased way. 

Our Editorial Team

Our highly-skilled editorial team manages all of the content you read. Each individual article has several people behind it working to make sure it’s responsible, accurate, understandable, helpful, trustworthy, comprehensive, up-to-date, unbiased and inclusive. 

Our Service Reviews and Testing

We take our service recommendations seriously because we understand that screening, testing, and other hiring related processes can impact the final decision to a significant extent. Our testing team has spent thousands of hours evaluating and analyzing different parts of the recruiting process. We also draw from reviews and feedback from our clients who can provide firsthand knowledge and experiences.

Every person involved with our content creation is equipped with the knowledge and skill set to provide authoritative recommendations for these services.

Our Review Board

The Review Board, composed of board-certified HR, recruitment experts, recruitment consultants, and more, vet content containing statements of recruiting fact. They work tirelessly to provide the necessary critique that guarantees our information is accurate and current. 

Content is assessed by a reviewer whose specific area of expertise aligns with the content topic. A reviewer will confirm that a piece of content—whether article, illustration, video, tool, or other resource—is thorough and contains facts and guidelines that reflect the latest in evidence-based research and recruitment information. 

If improvements are suggested, they are shared directly with our editorial team to be addressed and implemented immediately. It is only when a reviewer approves a piece of content that it is officially stamped as such in the byline of an article.

Fact Check

Our team of qualified and experienced fact checkers provides a critical step in our commitment to content integrity. Fact checkers rigorously review statements, claims, and recommendations for accuracy and timeliness. We rely only on the most current and reputable primary. Sources are listed both inline and at the bottom of every article.


Now, more than ever, people are going online for their news. It is our responsibility to ensure that every piece of news published on is held to the highest standards of clarity, accuracy, thoughtfulness, and trustworthy reporting.

We rely on primary sources, input from credentialed recruiting experts, and a team of conscientious news writers and thorough fact checkers to provide you with the latest and most important updates in the world of recruiting. 

References, Sources, and Citations

We fact-check HR & recruitment statements, claims, and suggestions with the most current primary references, including peer-reviewed recruiting and HR journals, government organizations, academic institutions, and advocacy associations. Sources are listed both inline and at the bottom of every article. 

Up-to-Date Information

Times change and so does information. With help from our subject-matter experts and Review Board, our editorial team routinely evaluates our existing content every few months to ensure all information is updated and reflective of the most current research, guidelines, and statistics.

If needed, content is re-worked, re-edited, and re-certified by our Review Board. If you happen to come across any inconsistencies or outdated facts, please don’t hesitate to reach out.

Our Voice

We pride ourselves on being part of the revolution that is redefining what “unbiased recruitment” really means, and we make sure to infuse that into all of our content. The information, advice, and words that we use are all rooted in one goal: to help you reach more logical and accurate hiring decisions. And we do that by offering a space that cuts through all the complications, confusion, and unrealistic expectations that are perpetuated by today’s media.

Your Involvement

We strive to produce accurate, unbiased content with the sole purpose of helping our readers to hire better. If you have questions about our content or suggestions for improving this website, please reach us here: You can also contact us at this email address to learn about potential editorial partnerships and other ways to get involved with our work.