Situational leadership

Last update : July 12, 2023

What is Situational leadership?

Situational leadership is a leadership style that emphasizes leaders adapting to the needs or tasks of their subordinates, situational leadership emphasizes leaders adjusting their leadership styles to fit the needs of the people they are leading.

Situational leadership styles can vary based on particular situations, allowing leaders to adapt their approaches to best fit the employees they are leading, situational leaders are also often described as democratic leaders because they foster strong relationships, share information, and solicit feedback.

Democratic leaders are also seen as good leaders because they are effective at leading in large teams or organizations.

The leader responds appropriately to the task a person is performing, their leading abilities, and the individual’s level of development.

Situational Leadership Types:

  • Authoritative – demands obedience, maintains control, and is focused on achieving results.
  • Coaching – supports team members to become self-directing, focuses on their development, and focuses on achieving results.
  • Transactional – focuses on results, involves subordinates in decision-making, and focuses on maintaining morale.

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