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Call Center: 30-40% turnover rate with constant need for volume hiring.
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Manual Hiring Process Is Ineffective Band-Aid Solution

Your manual hiring process is just a short time and harmful painkiller

Receiving +200 CVs by email!

What you get are:

  • Wasting time
  • Wasting effort
  • Skipping for some CVs
  • Losing good talents

Phone Screening in Volume Hiring!

You take the burden of calling hundreds of people to test their language to finally get results like:

  • Inaccurate results
  • Bad hiring decisions
  • Unsatisfied customers from bad customer service
  • Quick repetition for the whole process

Speed up your hiring process with AI-powered call center recruiting software

See who can actually do the job and surface the most qualified people based on how they perform tasks specific to your business.

It’s time to stop all this and find a new solution

Let’s know how Velents’ recruitment software goes step by step with you through the whole volume hiring process

Step 1

WhatsApp Chatbot

Get the whole hiring process done from one place!
Advertise, communicate, interview, and assess candidates via WhatsApp

  • Reach out to more candidates
  • Ensure better candidates’ experience
  • Get the right candidates for the right jobs
  • Quick response to candidates
  • Build an Excellent Company reputation

Is there a limited number of candidates I can get into the system?

Velents considers the call center’s need for volume hiring which requires even more candidates than required to sift through. Thus, our recruitment software supports an unlimited number of candidates.

Step 2

AI language testing:

Via WhatsApp or the system itself, you can send the question to test the required language and candidates answer it with a record or video

  • Testing several languages such as English
  • Testing different accents for each language
  • Saving time and effort in calling hundreds of candidates
  • More accurate results
  • Speeding up the hiring process

Is audio and video recording not functional or slow to process in certain types of recruitment software?

Velents’ recruitment software focuses on employer branding and candidates’ experience in the hiring process, so none of these problems will face the candidates. The software is straightforward and user-friendly for both candidates and the HR team.

Step 3

Typing Test

We don’t forget live chat agents and how they should be tested.

Velents’ software provides:

  • Testing both typing speed and the correct spelling
  • Ready-made typing assessment templates
  • Quick assessment for thousands of candidates
  • Accurate grading for candidates
  • Ensuring effective hiring decisions for live chat agents
Step 4

Skills Testing

Conduct automatically complete skills assessments for candidates in questions and answers format or via our AI video screening, Sarah

  • +400 assessments for different skills
  • Ability to customize assessments based on the job role
  • Analysis of body language and voice to assess behavior and communication skills
  • Questions bank to help you get more effective questions
  • Extremely accurate assessment marking

Is it common for reports to be delivered late in recruitment software?

Velents’ recruitment software provides real-time reports, so the recruiter delivers the report immediately after the assessment ends.

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