Enhance your recruitment process with powerful and flexible tools.

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Invite Collaboration

Invite your clients, executives, or hiring managers to follow the recruitment process and customize the data they can access. Enhance communication and collaboration between recruitment departments.

Share Candidate Performance Reports

With our unique report sharing feature, you can effortlessly send a customized link containing detailed analysis of candidate responses in various assessments or video interviews. Share these reports in video format with hiring managers to facilitate and enhance communication within the recruitment team.

Work as One Team

To keep your recruitment departments informed about every aspect of the hiring process, and to enable hiring managers to track their team’s performance, invite your team to join your vacancies on our platform and monitor the team’s progress step by step.

AI-Powered Video Interviews

Sara, our AI tool, streamlines the recruitment process by automatically performing tasks such as resume analysis, candidate selection, and skill assessment. Utilizing machine learning algorithms and natural language processing, Sara accurately evaluates candidates’ qualifications and suitability for the desired positions, all while ensuring an unbiased approach. Save time and effort with our AI-driven video interviews.