Hourly to Yearly Mean

Last update : July 12, 2023

What is the Hourly to Yearly Mean?

An hourly to yearly conversion is a calculation of how much an employee who is paid hourly would earn under an equivalent yearly salary.

Time-based pay is hourly or salary. This type of pay is based on the number of hours an employee works. Employees are paid a set amount per hour or per day, and this payment is based on their use only.

Year-based pay is paid yearly and is based on an employee’s years of service to the company. This type of pay is the number of years of an employee’s service. Employees are paid a set amount each year based on the number of years they have worked for the company. Because employees accrue benefits based on their years with the company, this payment often includes health care and pension plans.

Why are hourly to yearly conversions necessary? 

Perhaps they are looking for a new job and want to know what their salary would be, or maybe they are trying to figure out their budget and need to know how much money they will make in a year. Either way, it is important to be able to convert hourly wages to an annual salary.

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