Tangible assets

Last update : July 12, 2023

What are Tangible assets?

Tangible assets are those items that you can see or touch, as opposed to those intangible things that cannot be touched.

Rewards that are tangible are given by an employer or manager to an employee as a way of recognition and gratitude for a job well done, they act as a form of motivation and are given based on the achievement of desired results.

Tangible rewards can either be financial or non-financial in nature.

Examples of tangible assets include land, buildings, equipment, furniture, and inventory.

Benefits of intangible rewards:

  • Even if discontinued they do not lead to performance decreasing.
  • They can help in the long run by improving the motivation levels of employees
  • It doesn’t charge money
  • They provide a way for people to physically interact with their environment.
  • Tangibles can be used to store information and can be easy to manipulate.
  • it can help people to understand and remember information better.

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