JavaScript Developer Job Description

javascript developer job description includes a detailed overview of the key requirements, duties, responsibilities, and skills for this role.

Last update : July 14, 2023

JavaScript Developer Job Description

JavaScript, also known as ECMAScript, is a programming language used for client-side as well as server-side scripting.

It is mainly used for client-side scripting, such as creating interactive elements on web pages, creating web applications, or creating web pages that dynamically respond to user input.

The language was originally developed by Netscape Communications Corporation in 1995, but was later standardized in version 1.

0 in 1998 as ECMAScript.

ECMAScript 2.

0 introduced namespaces, and ECMAScript 3.

0 introduced classes.


Job Brief

We’re looking for a JavaScript Developer to work on a variety of projects. You will be responsible for the development of new and innovative web applications. In this role, you will work closely with a team of developers to create high-quality, scalable, and user-friendly web applications.

JavaScript Developer Duties

-Design and develop web sites; code and debug software programs
-Work with back-end and front-end developers to develop and test new products and services
-Perform research and analyze data to develop solutions
-Create documentations like user manuals, help screens, and release notes
-Work collaboratively with design team, product managers, and quality assurance team
-Work in agile environment using scrum methodology

JavaScript Developer Responsibilities

-Master JavaScript, SASS, and Coffee-script
-Write clean, modular code that meets all specs and requirements
-Teach new hires and serve as a mentor to junior developers
-Develop and maintain modular, reusable code
-Work with front-end engineers to optimize code for performance, security, usability, and accessibility
-Test code and apps on multiple browsers and platforms to ensure there are no bugs
-Research new technologies on Stack-exchange and GitHub, and contribute ideas, solutions, or features
-Collaborate with front-end engineers, front-end designers, and back-end engineers
-Keep current with software development trends, tools, and technologies
-Continue to learn, grow, and develop professionally, with the goal of becoming an indispensable expert

Requirment And Skills

-Bachelor’s degree in computer science or related field
2+ years of experience in web development
-Excellent understanding of HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, AJAX, JSON, and jQuery
-Excellent understanding of cross-browser compatibility issues
-Excellent understanding of object-oriented programming
-Strong familiarity with Agile development environment

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