Hiring and Recruitment can be time-consuming and costly – the stakes are high because an ineffective hire can cost a company up to $240,000 (£185,994) per employee. Yet recruitment is traditionally a manual process that’s prone to human error, where a recruiter must match a candidate’s skills and experience to a job requirement.

We want to make it easier – we want to level the playing field for startups, SMBs and everyone in between who need to hire top talent. We’re launching Velents free plan today to do just that.

We are committed to providing companies with the tools they need to identify and hire top talent quickly and efficiently using AI.

Hiring top talent requires the right tools to effectively evaluate candidates’ skills before they ever walk in the door. Recruiters specialized in Technical roles today face an increasingly difficult hiring process – especially as there is a growing need for speed to hire. The bottom line is that recruiting teams and hiring managers now need access to the best tools to help them hire quickly with the right candidate. Talent assessment solutions that assess technical skills effectively for evaluating candidates have become essential tools for talent acquisition teams.

To address these challenges, Velents.ai has launched a free plan from our comprehensive solution that addresses the following key pain points for technical recruitment teams:

  • With Velents Free Plan, anyone can create a job post in minutes without paying anything to get started. Everyone gets access to our recruiting tools, from automated video interviews to speed up your screening process with skills, and code & technical assessments, and hire the best and save your time for more impact tasks.
  • To equip employers with the talent they need to thrive throughout the rapidly evolving workplace landscape, Velents ai offers you automated video interviews to automate your screening phase. 
  • Our platform is powered by artificial intelligence and human touch to help companies recruit top talent faster than ever before. The platform offers next-generation A.I. technology that incorporates machine learning, natural language processing, computer vision, and predictive analytics. It also enables job seekers to express their skills and personality through video interviews.

“Isn’t it clear that not everyone can write a good resume?

GenZ made it clear that video communication is the best way to communicate and yet to hire people. We do believe that people (candidates) are more than just a document or a paper. However, the video interview is expensive we want to make them available for everyone that hires on small scale. Velents is offering a free plan to provide video interviews for all recruiters to hire the best talents.” explains CEO Mo Gaber.


Velents’ AI-powered hiring platform aims to speed up the hiring process and give access to startups & SMBs to do so and save them money. 

Velents’ AI technology analyzes resumes and conducts automated video interviews to screen candidates. The software then ranks every candidate according to how suitable they are for the job.

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