Corporate Value

Last update : July 12, 2023

What is Corporate Value?

A corporate value (also corporate value system or corporate ethics) is a set of principles or values that a company or organization considers important. Corporate values can also refer to a specific practice that a company or organization has adopted or intends to adopt as an approach to doing business.

Most organizations have value statements that are set out in writing. These documents are called corporate values and although they may be developed internally, the values often focus on business conduct and ethical standards.

Corporate values may be expressed in the form of mission statements, corporate values statements, or corporate charters. Corporate values can be embodied in the constitutions or by-laws of companies.

f you’re looking for a starting point, corporate culture typically reveals itself through:

  • Values – What your organisation stands for.
  • Norms – What is commonly practiced at your company.
  • Routines – How processes look for those involved in them.

Why are corporate values necessary?

A company’s values are the beliefs that guide its actions and decisions. They shape the culture and define the character of the organization. Values are important because they help businesses to attract and retain the best employees, build customer loyalty, and achieve long-term success.

What Are The Key Components Of A Good Corporate Culture?

The components of company culture can often be understood as an organization’s system of shared:

  • Vision
  • Values
  • Norms
  • Symbols
  • Attitudes

Each of these influences how employees act, and interact, with one another, and how they feel about the company. It also extends to every level of the organisation, but it can be determined by just about anyone, anywhere, and at any time.

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