Assessment Centre

Last update : July 12, 2023

What is Assessment Centre?

An assessment centre is a series of assessment tasks that are conducted to evaluate a candidate’s skills, knowledge, and potential. The purpose of an assessment center is to attract candidates, determine their skills and fit, and place them in jobs or programs that suit them.

An assessment center is a method that many organizations use to identify management potential and determine candidates’ suitability for higher functional positions. It is often used in the manager development process as a tool to evaluate candidates’ personality traits and abilities.

Assessment centers vary in length, ranging from short, half-day events to multi-day events. There may be multiple assessment centers conducted during the hiring process.

Assessment centers can be used to assess candidates from diverse backgrounds. For example, assessment centers can be used to recruit diverse candidates into positions in professions such as engineering, science,

There are many reasons why assessment centers are necessary. They provide employers with a way to identify the best candidates for a position, and they help to ensure that employees are able to meet the demands of the job. Assessment centers also help to improve communication and teamwork within an organization.

Benefits of assessment centers

• They focus more on measuring job-related behaviors and skills.

• They have a potential to measure broader range of skills and knowledge than traditional tests and interviews.

• They are standardized and provide equal treatment in candidate assessment.

• They provide no discrimination of any kind regardless of gender, race or age.

• They are a great learning opportunity for both the candidate and the assessor.

• They rate candidates more accurately.

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