Costume Designer Job Description

costume designer job description includes a detailed overview of the key requirements, duties, responsibilities, and skills for this role.

Last update : July 14, 2023

Costume Designer Job Description

A costume designer is an individual responsible for creating the costumes used in theatrical and film productions.

Costume designers are responsible for dressing actors to play the parts of their characters.

They may also design and create sets, scenery, and props.

The costume designer’s responsibilities include compiling sketches and designs, overseeing production and costume fitting, and selecting and purchasing costumes.

Costume designers may work as independent artists or for theatrical or film production companies.

Job Brief:

We’re looking for a Costume Designer to help us with our new play. The play is set in the future, and we need someone who can create some amazing, futuristic costumes. If you’re interested, please send us your portfolio and we’ll be in touch.

Costume Designer Duties:

  • Create and develop original costumes, clothing, and accessories for films and television productions
  • Establish and oversee style guides for productions
  • Develop themes and styles for television shows and films
  • Develop and design costumes, clothing and accessories for feature films
  • Art direct and set styles for photo shoots
  • Develop and oversee production budgets and schedules
  • Research historical trends, styles, and fabrics
  • Develop and oversee hiring staff for craft positions
  • Create pre-production schedules for crafts personnel and oversee their implementation
  • Promote a positive work environment

Costume Designer Responsibilities:

  • Procure, develop, and oversee all costume elements and equipment, including custom and/or manufactured items, from concept development to final delivery
  • Develop costume styling, design, and color palette, providing an artistic direction for the departments
  • Manage costuming budget, track expenses, and adhere to agreed-upon guidelines
  • Assume responsibilities for costume maintenance and storage
  • Manage timely completion of all costume elements
  • Oversee costume rentals
  • Research and procure additional items for costume development and design
  • Research, select, and negotiate rental services and suppliers
  • Ensure safety of costumes during production and storage
  • Coordinate with other departments to integrate costumes into scenes
  • Assist with the development of new costumes
  • Enforce costume standards and policies
  • Ensure proper care of costumes during production
  • Curate costume elements
  • Curate costumes

Requirements And Skills:

  • Bachelor’s degree in costume design, architecture, art, or related field
  • 2+ years’ work in costume design
  • Experience working with companies on creative projects
  • Solid understanding of creative concepts, costume design, construction, and production
  • Strong attention to detail

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