TypeScript Developer Job Description

typescript developer job description includes a detailed overview of the key requirements, duties, responsibilities, and skills for this role.

Last update : July 14, 2023

TypeScript Developer Job Description

A TypeScript developer is a programmer who creates code in a type of programming language called TypeScript.

A TypeScript developer may use the language to write code for several popular web development frameworks.

A TypeScript developer’s code will be compiled into JavaScript code, which would then be used by a web browser.

A TypeScript developer would have knowledge of several programming concepts, including object-oriented programming, user interface design, and text editing.

A TypeScript developer typically has some experience with a programming language called JavaScript, which is used to create most web pages.

The TypeScript developer would also have knowledge of JavaScript.

Job Brief:

We’re looking for a TypeScript Developer to work on a new project. The ideal candidate will have experience with TypeScript and be able to work on a project from start to finish. If you are a TypeScript Developer with experience, please submit your resume and we will be in touch.

TypeScript Developer Duties:

  • Develop new functionalities for the platform using TypeScript
  • Implement APIs, services, and UI
  • Write reusable code
  • Add features and experiment with new technologies
  • Work with product managers, designers, and other engineers
  • Participate in code reviews
  • Keep up to date with any changes
  • Support other developers with tasks
  • Work on bug fixing and maintenance
  • Other duties as assigned

TypeScript Developer Responsibilities:

  • 3+ years of commercial production TypeScript experience.
  • Experience with TypeScript features in NodeJS, web browsers, and device drivers.
  • Basic understanding of native code compilation, optimization and code generation
  • Experience with ES6 features that arenow part of JavaScript
  • Familiar

Requirements And Skills:

  • Work on complex, large scale, distributed, and concurrent systems to build and maintain code
  • Ensure that code is tested, quality is ensured, and code meets specifications and standards
  • Manage cloud servers, monitoring system, and security
  • Partner with team members to create and maintain interfaces and services that support existing applications
  • Proactive efforts to resolve issues as quickly and efficiently as possible
  • Conduct code reviews and code audits
  • Provide technical leadership to the team
  • Ensure that team members remain current on industry best practices
  • Provide technical guidance to team members
  • Conduct code reviews
  • Translate business requirements into technical architecture and functional specs
  • Participate in code and design reviews
  • Work on complex, large scale, distributed, and concurrent systems to build and maintain code
  • Envision and create architecture to meet business requirements
  • Conduct code reviews and code audits
  • ~

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